Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Anti-War Movements: Histories and Legacies

For those enrolled in the class or thinking about enrolling, this event may be of interest:

Facebook Event Page: Anti-War Movements: Histories and Legacies

A recent article in UCSD News describes the histories of anti-war activism at UCSD:

"Student activism at UC San Diego directed against U.S. military intervention abroad began as early as the invasion of the Dominican Republic in 1965. It intensified as the country became more heavily involved in Vietnam. Sentiments against the war exploded after the invasion of Cambodia at the end of April 1970. As a way of showing their opposition to what they considered an unjust and widening war, students at UC San Diego joined nationwide student protests. Their actions expressed their desire for an end to the violence. It was during this time that George Winne, Jr., a graduating senior in history, chose to self-immolate in Revelle Plaza on May 10. Winne's act came just days after the infamous Kent State killings, during the largest wave of protests in the history of American higher education."
Full story: New Campus Memorial Honors Protestors for Peace

On May 9, we will commemorate these histories by officially unveiling The May 1970 Peace Memorial. The memorial was designed by students in The Dimensions of Culture Program to restore a marginalized chapter of campus history to public space. By making these histories visible, the memorial asks students to consider their place amid ongoing struggles for peace and justice.

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